Johor Premium Outlet.

I don’t know why I completely forgot to blog about this but anyway, here goes… My family and I were at Johor sometime last week and when we passed by the Johor Premium Outlet on the highway, everyone got so excited and demanded that we stopped to join the “hype”. It’s something like the Bicester Village they have in the UK where things should be cheaper over there than the retailed price you see in shopping malls. The difference is that Bicester offers even more designer items if compared to JPO but since it’s a new place, I’m sure they’ll be of the same par in the long run. :)

True enough – some things were cheaper than what we can get in the malls but to be completely honest, I do think most of the items over there are relatively the same and if you stay like in Perlis or something, it’s not worth it to go there to “shop” just yet. My parents sat at the coffee shop at the entrance and did a survey (ha-ha) on how many people actually bought something – very little la basically… I don’t know… 1 out of 30 people??

Prior to exploring the place, my dad asked how long should we be there:

Abah : Umm.. 2 jam?
All : HAH? DUA JAM? Abah ingat apa? Setakat dua jam…..

But we got out of that place in less than an hour! And we’re so-called “shopaholics”! Seriously though, there are boutiques like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Zegna etc (basically the high-end lines) but they aren’t actually much cheaper than the ones in the boutiques itself (maybe by mere hundreds) – and, they obviously cannot pull the price much lower considering the luxury items tax imposed on the goods so IF you frequent the Europe a lot, it’ll be so much more worth it to restrict yourself from buying and get them elsewhere :)

On the other hand, Cotton On is so much cheaper over there where they have items starting from RM5 even! So if you’re a fan, it’s definitely THE place to stock up.

It was a great visit, nevertheless. It’s a rather proper place with very nice architecture (I prefer JPO to Bicester!) and emotionally-balanced people. Ha-ha. You won’t really see people who go gaga/smile to the price tags or anything like how you can witness in Bicester (yeah, that includes me) so it’s pretty decent.

That’s lil’ nephew! He can stand now and is pretty mischievous! I know he’s a boy and all but maaaan, he’s so active that I feel like a really old woman being so lethargic at the end of the day after handling/playing with him. He climbs at wherever that are climb-able by him, creates mess anywhere that he wishes and he cannot be scolded at all! Whenever he feels like you’re scolding him, he’ll act like he’s totally emotionally hurt and cry for a good minute or two and you have to like tell him that you aren’t scolding him for him to stop – good thing is that he’s the ONLY grandchild my dad has so he’s really the jewel of the family!

During our trip to JPO, my sister refused to get him this one top because she said it isn’t worth it and that the colour can fade and whatnot (excuses!!) and that had made lil’ nephew sulk in front of my dad. So I kindly told my dad what happened and he was all: “baju mana, kat mana, colour apa?” and got angry at my sister for NOT getting nephew what he had laid his eyes on!! Goodness, overly pampered ok! My dad then went to KLCC when we got back to KL, went straight to the kids department in iSetan and got him one full bag of tops & jeans. (world is not fair – concrete evidence)

Now whenever anyone in the house feels like we’re gonna get scolded/nagged by our dad, you can see us carrying him to face our dad because my dad’s eyes just SHINE whenever he sees nephew. I never saw that sort of shine whenever he sees me!! Whenever my dad sees us, he runs the opposite direction because it’s either us asking for money or well, even if not, he will still think we’ll be asking him for money. -______-”

BUT, I’m still cool about all this as long as there’s no “niece” in the picture. =p

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